Preparing for The Zombie Apocalypse

It could be earthquakes, storms, or zombies. The principals of preparation remain the same. You'll need shelter, food, water, power, survival gear, and ways to protect your life and your property.

Getting prepared can be a little overwhelming in the begining. We recommend getting started with a basic 72-hour kit. You can purchase pre-assembled 72-hour kits or build your own custom zombie kit. offers the essentials you'll need for zombie survival or for whatever may come.

Zombie Survival Tip of the Week

Remember that scene from I Am Legend where Will Smith is doing pull-ups in the doorway? Now take a look at yourself. See a difference? While your thumbs may be in great shape from zombie gaming, your awesome thumbs won't do you a lot of good during a zombie attack if you don't have the cardio and upper-body strength to match.


Zombie survivors should plan on doing A LOT of running during the zombie apocalypse. You'll need to do more than practicing running evasive maneuvers for short distances. A zombie prepper should be able to run a 5k without vomiting afterwards. Almost anyone can beat a zombie in a 50 yard dash, even if they've spent much of their life on the couch eating Cheetos and Ding Dongs. The question is, could they stay ahead of hungry zombies for an hour without sucking wind. Zombies may not be sprinters, however, they have excellent endurance. They'll go for miles in pursuit of fresh brains. In order to be able to outlast them, P4Z recommends getting a Treadmill and to start using it!

Get Ripped

Swinging a chainsaw around for any length of time requires serious upper-body strength. Develop your chest, shoulders, back, abs and arms all with a multi-purpose workout bar. A good doorway gym provides an inexpensive way to tone and build muscles at home on your schedule.
pull up bar

Featured Essentials for Zombie Survival

survival handbook
This handbook includes discussions of long-term food storage options, firearm selection and handling, disaster preparedness networks, radiological emergencies, our country's impending financial collapse, and much more. Steps are also provided to help you prepare for the five deadliest types of natural disasters: earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, and tsunamis.
emergency kit
Features: 50-piece emergency preparedness kit in a 30 by 14-inch cargo bag. Includes: lantern, flashlight, AM radio, propane stove, emergency light sticks, tarps, fluorescent orange safety vests, ponchos, emergency blankets, sleeping bags, 42-piece first aid kit; water purification kit; five-gallon water jug, emergency food bars, multi-function knife, saw, multi-purpose tool, 50-foot rope, and fire starter sticks.
chain saw
Whether you're dealing with the pesky undead or stocking up on firewood, you'll want a chainsaw with a quick start, reliability and phenomenal performance. The Poulan Wild Thing has it all. The 40cc 2-cycle (P4018WT) features an 18-inch steel bar, automatic chain oiler, primer bulb for easy starting and a super clean air filter system. This item comes with a file and holder, bar lube and fully assembled.
water filters

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